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LesMills BodyCombat At Bodyfit Emerton

Offers a fun way to relieve stress, have a blast and make you feel like a champ with LesMills BodyCombat at Bodyfit Emerton.

Experience LesMills BodyCombat At Bodyfit Emerton


LesMills BodyCombat workout is an energetic, marital arts-inspired workout that uses no contact and no complicated moves to induce exercise. Here at Bodyfit Emerton we offer a fun way to relieve stress, have a blast and make you feel like a champ while one of our expert instructors challenges you to step up the intensity.





In addition to working your legs and arms, LesMills BodyCombat also provides tremendous core training. You destroy calories, develop coordination, agility and speed, and feel empowered.


Just Getting Started

LesMills BodyCombat workouts can be adjusted to fit your needs. It is always our instructors’ goal to provide options for you to work at your own level. In no time at all, you’ll be working out like a champion after just one or two classes a week.



Bodyfit Emerton provides you with everything you need to know. Read below for frequently asked questions about LesMills BodyCombat.


Can I Still do a LesMills BodyCombat Class if I am Pregnant?

Here at Bodyfit Emerton we don’t recommend BodyCombat during pregnancy. The release of hormones such as oestrogen and relaxing can result in joints being less stable – so the kicks in BodyCombat may aggravate the hip and pelvis.


How many LesMills BodyCombat Classes Should I Complete a Week?

For awesome results, we recommend you do BodyCombat two to three times per week. See the Bodyfit Emerton timetable here to plan your sessions.


Do you need marital arts experience before coming to a LesMills BodyCombat class?

Absolutely none! LesMills BodyCombat caters for all ages and abilities. Our Instructors show simpler and lower impact options for every move so you can progress at your own pace and get an awesome workout at the same time.