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Man loses 140kg

Aussie Man Reveals He Lost More Than 140 Kilograms

An Australian man reveals how he lost more than 140 kilograms while training here at Bodyfit Emerton. Join Bodyfit today!

Bodyfit is proud to celebrate the personal success story of Andrew Robson who achieved such an amazing result at Bodyfit Emerton. We love hearing of our client success stories, it’s what the Bodyfit Community is all about!


“If something had to change at 263 kilos his weight was dangerous. Now he’s turned his life around by following a few simple rules.”

“He was enormous.”

“Over 260 kilos.”

“But no more.”

“Around 120kg.”

“Andrew, that’s more than half your body weight.”


“That’s a lot of Andrews gone.” 

“49 year old Andrew Robson wants you to know if he can do it, so can you.”

“Hold up, mum’s just unearthed his old pants.”

“Remember when you used to wear these and I had to mend them all the time because you kept splitting them?”

“Yes, I do. That is a nine XL.” 

“It was an unbearable life.”

“Simple things like putting on shoes and socks took a quarter of an hour.”

“I couldn’t see my feet, let alone reach them.”

“The bathroom, difficult. And plane travel, well…”

“As I sat down, the armrests went snap and it broke clean off.”

“You broke the seat?” 

“I broke the seat on the plane.”

“He ate it at all.”

“Huge milkshakes, ice creams, bacon and egg rolls, chocolate. I just felt like a loser. And the more I felt like a loser the more I’d eat, or the more I’d drink alcohol.”

“At 263 kilos, his body began shutting down.”

“There were some mornings I’d wake up and I’d wet myself.”

“He is honest about a physical problem being a mental one.”

“We will probably eat around six.”

“Okay. Good timing.”

“Andrew lives with his mum Kate and dad Barry.”

“We thought we were going to lose him. So he was slowly dying in front of us. That was tough.”

“Then one day, a doctor told him bluntly…”

“He says you can either change and stay here for a little while. If you don’t, you’re gonna have a permanent home at Rookwood cemetery.” 

“It was do or die time.”

“That was a turning point. I went well this is it, I’m at rock bottom. I either do it, or I don’t.”  

“He chose to live. It began with simple walks with mum.”

“It started to feel good, I started losing weight and then I swore I’m gonna keep going.”

“He then cut sugar out of his life.”

“I have zero sugar, zero fat yogurt.”

“Dad became chef.”

“On the menu tonight, it’s going to be stuffed capsicums with pork mince.”

“Gym was next.”

“When I started here in December last year I was level one now Level 25.”

“Bodyfit staff watched him shrink daily.”

“So much improvement, he’s gotten happier.”

“We now ask people are you okay? By the way, National Day is next week. And that support from friends helped him through.”

“There were people that I didn’t even know that were interested in my story and it became ‘we want to know what’s going on.’”

“Strangers started following his journey on his Facebook page.”

“You’ve inspired me to want to go to the gym or not grab that can of beer or grab that packet of chips.”

“Are you proud of yourself mate? You should be.”

“What makes me happy is that I’m making other people happy with it. Especially my parents and my family and close friends.”

“We laugh and joke like we used to.”

“So very, very proud of him, yes.”

“Andrew Robson, just a shrinking bloke from Sydney’s Western Suburbs, who did it on his own with a cheer squad of strangers who were out there to help.”

“Being healthy being clean is so much better. Life is so much better for me. I’m happy. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. My parents are happy that, you know, that I’m healthy and I’m still alive. I love my parents very much.”


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