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Here at Bodyfit, we have invested in a well built and comfortable sauna as we recognise the benefits of using a sauna. Our sauna is well kept, clean and a great place to be after a workout or just for relaxation.

Saunas have so many benefits for an athlete looking to keep in top shape. They serve a variety of different therapeutic benefits for the body such as relaxation, decongestion, arthritis relief, and skin cleansing.

Saunas are also known to help muscle stimulation, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve cardiovascular health.

Ice Bath

Are you ready to elevate your recovery experience and embrace the invigorating benefits of ice plunge therapy? Discover the refreshing sensation of our new Ice Plunge installation at Bodyfit Glebe. Whether you’re new to ice baths or a seasoned pro, our expertly crafted facility provides the perfect environment for you to chill out and rejuvenate.

Visit Kiva Wellness to learn more about ice bath therapy, covering everything from benefits to safety guidelines. Dive into this immersive experience with confidence, knowing that our team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Feel the revitalizing power of ice plunge therapy and unlock a new level of post-workout recovery.

Take the plunge today at Bodyfit Glebe and immerse yourself in the world of ice plunge therapy. For personalized guidance and assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s chill, recover, and thrive together!

Contact us now to experience the refreshing benefits of ice plunge therapy at Bodyfit Glebe.