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Bodyfit Emerton Gym Near me

The Gym Near Me – Bodyfit Emerton

Achieve your fitness goals through a range of different cardio exercises at Bodyfit Emerton. The gym near me - Bodyfit Emerton.

Different Types of Cardio Exercises to Improve your Fitness.

Bodyfit Emerton provides a detailed look at the most effective cardio exercises and fitness goals. Stop wasting time in the gym in Emerton and start getting results! 

When most people think of cardiovascular (cardio) exercises, the first activities that come to mind are cycling, rowing, running and swimming. Although these are great ways to get your heart rate up, Bodyfit Emerton provides some other unique ways to improve your fitness that differ from the standard cardio workouts.

If you’re looking to incorporate more cardio into your exercise routine, Bodyfit Emerton has the facilities and assistance to provide you with workouts that can fast-track your progress in reaching your fitness goals.. Heart-healthy workouts don’t have to involve spending hours on the treadmill or on a station cycle bike. There are plenty of fun and creative ways to get your cardio in and actually enjoy it.

Achieve your fitness goals at the gym near you – Bodyfit Emerton.


Why Do You Need Cardio in the First Place?

Cardio is defined as any type of exercise that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for a prolonged period of time. Your blood vessels will expand to bring more oxygen to your muscles, as your respiratory system will start working harder as you begin to breathe faster and more deeply. The mental and physical benefits of this type of exercise are seemingly endless.

Manage Your Weight

Ensuring you complete cardio at Bodyfit Emerton each week will help you maintain your weight over time.

Ward off Heart Disease

Cardio has shown that getting your heart rate up during exercise at the gym in Emerton can help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Mood Improvement

Cardio exercise can play a strong role in improving your mood and increasing your happiness.


Top 10 Types of Cardio Exercises To Get You Moving

The key to sticking with any successful workout plan is discovering an activity that you enjoy. The following exercises are considered as the top ten. If you are thinking “I need a gym near me that will allow me to bring these exercises into my routine”, then look no further than Bodyfit Emerton. We have the facilities and friendly staff that can help to bring these exercises into your workout to achieve results. 



This form of cardio can be done just about anywhere at Bodyfit Emerton. Skipping for a full minute pumps your heart rate up and assists in toning up your legs and waste. Many Blacktown gym goers use skipping as an exercise because it helps you boost your immune system, balance your metabolism, and improve your overall health in a short period of time.



Running is a high impact, weight-bearing activity, which means that the rhythmic pounding of the surface stresses your bones in a way that can be very healthy. Running twenty minutes or 2km everyday can help you reach your fitness goals as well as toning your body into shape quickly. Get to the Gym near you and begin running to give yourself a strong start to your fitness journey. 



Boxing is also a great aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping and helps lower the risk of high blood pressure. By boxing for 30 minutes, you can burn over 500 calories. If you live in Emerton and find yourself wondering “I want to get into boxing, but I’m not sure what the best gym near me is?” Bodyfit Emerton is the gym for you. We have a range of boxing equipment that can fast-track you to your fitness goals. 



There are plenty of ways to get fit with this type of cardio exercise. Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. Cycling is good for strength and stamina as well as increasing aerobic fitness. Next time you are at Bodyfit Emerton, spend 5 or 10 minutes on one of our spin bikes, you won’t regret it!



A rowing machine is good for your upper body cardio. It engages with your bicep muscles and upper back. Squeezing rowing into your gym routine at Bodyfit Emerton can give you an extra cardio boost, as well as strengthen your abs in the process.


Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are an easy way to get your heart rate up and get you fit. Jumping jacks work all the major muscles in the lower body, strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, quads, hips, calves, and shins. The higher and faster you jump, the more power and strength you’ll develop. The spacious layout of Bodyfit Emerton allows you to complete these without worrying about obstructing any other Emerton gym goers.


Kettlebell Workouts

Using a kettlebell is great for cardio fitness. By doing workouts like kettlebell swings and sumo high pulls, these get your heart pumping and use up to 20 calories per minute. It offers a lot of flexibility and strengthens your body, making you fitter than ever.


Slam Ball Workouts

The slam ball, otherwise known as a medicine ball, is a highly useful and versatile workout tool. It allows you to provide resistance and added weight while performing dynamic movements. Striving for more muscular power will provide you with an abundance of health and fitness benefits, including:

  • Increased muscle density
  • Higher resting metabolism
  • Faster glucose metabolism
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Higher aerobic capacity
  • Stronger maximum muscle limits
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Lower body fat

Come to the gym near you – Bodyfit Emerton, and achieve these results today!


Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight workouts are really good to quickly burn some calories as well as keeping your body moving. By creating a 20-minute low-impact cardio circuit everyday, it will keep your fitness up and assist you in staying in shape. Exercises include pushups, skaters, squats, squat jumps, lateral shuffle, lunges, burpees and sit-ups. 


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT gives you a well-rounded workout while burning a ton of fat and calories. HIIT workouts can vary greatly, from 500 calories per hour to 1500-plus calories per hour. HIIT workouts are great because of the intensity of each exercise as well as the variation of exercises and reps.

Pairing any body-weight movement with a weighted movement and a traditional cardio element and you have the perfect recipe for an amazing fat-burner. Bodyfit Emerton’s HIIT classes are the perfect fit for any Emerton resident that wants to reach their fitness goals at a gym near them. 


The Takeaway of Cardio Fitness at Bodyfit Emerton

Cardio exercise is a key part of a long and healthy life. When training at Bodyfit Emerton, our team wants you to remember that you keep an open mind and get creative when doing your cardio routine. The most important part of any fitness routine is finding what you enjoy. You’re much more likely to stick with a routine if it’s something you actually like. Bodyfit Emerton lets you experiment, try new things, and figure out how to relish breaking a sweat. If you ever feel stuck or need assistance with anything, ask one of our professional trainers to help you and guide your workout to achieve your fitness goals. 


The Gym Near Me – Bodyfit Emerton

We are a welcoming community, meaning we embrace everyone and treat you equally. When you train at Bodyfit Emerton, you’re one of us! What makes Bodyfit Emerton the perfect fit is not only our people, but our facilities. If you’re wondering “What is the best gym near me”, look no further than Bodyfit Emerton.

Bodyfit Emerton is located at Shop 14 Emerton Shopping Village, 32 & 40 Jersey Rd, Emerton NSW 2770. Please call us or email us to learn more about why Bodyfit Emerton is the perfect fit for you. 

Bodyfit, Got It In One.