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Minimum Donation: $1

  • Donate today to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Your donation could change a life. All proceeds are going to The Rise Foundation.
  • Bodyfit will match every $1 raised by members and for every $100 donated The Rise Foundation will train one person in mental health.
  • Present your invoice for entry to the event at Miranda.

    Saturday 11 June 2022

    • Walk starts at 6am and finishes at 8pm

    *Times subject to change

    70km walk

    • Walk starts at Bodyfit Emerton
    • We stop at every Bodyfit location along the way
    • Walk finishes at Bodyfit Miranda

    Change lives

    • Bodyfit will match every $1 for $1 raised by members
    • 100% of ticket sales goes directly to the Rise Foundation
    Get to know Bodyfit Emerton PT Emma Pearson

    Raising awareness for suicide prevention

    Mental health is just as important as physical health. In Australia, 9 people take their own lives each day. To raise awareness for suicide prevention, Bodyfit has teamed up with The Rise Foundation.

    have made their voice heard and raised awareness with their donation

    Event map

    On Saturday 11th June, our Bodyfit Team will walk 70km to raise awareness and donations for suicide awareness.

    Starting at Bodyfit Emerton, our Bodyfit Team will be checking in at each Bodyfit club, completing the 70kms when they reach Bodyfit Miranda.

    Get to know Bodyfit Emerton PT Emma Pearson

    The Rise Foundation

    The Rise Foundation step beyond raising awareness, but educating, empowering and teaching the everyday, practical tools we can use to start helping each other and ourselves so that people no longer have to live in silence with mental illness or poor mental health.

    With mental ill health and suicide on the rise, better mental health understanding and acceptance in our communities is more important than ever. It is up to us to better support, protect and respond to those in need. It is also vital that our communities gain the confidence to build a great mental health culture that’s sustainable for the future.

    The Rise Foundation offer workshops that are designed to aid in a full transformation in the way we understand, manage and respond to mental health issues for ourselves and others.

    If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or suicidal thoughts call the national crisis services or visit


    Lifeline Text

    0477 131 114

    Beyond Blue

    Mental health stats in Australia


    of Australians aged 18-65 have experienced a mental disorder during their lifetime

    people in Australia die from suicide every day


    of people living with mental illness will not seek help